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It is proudly announced that I am the first certified Crestron programmer (CAIP) at CZ. The date of  26.11. 2014 I have passed to highest certification grade Crestron DigitalMedia Certified Engineer (DMC-E-4K). The date of 17.5.2018 Crestron Master Programmer (MCP) grade. I believe you will be satisfied with our services!

Crestron CAPCrestron Certified Programmer

DMC-E_logo-sCrestron DigitalMedia Certified Engineer

About you:
Control system CRESTRON allows you easily to realize all needs and wishes ralated to integrated controlling and remote supervision for your residences, apartments, training or meeting rooms, conference rooms, and smal systems or custom electronics as well. Using supplementary brand SATOR, esspecially designed for Crestron, we can offer you a sofisticated, reliable and very cost effective solution, always equipped with intuitive and  friendly user interface – created for  human.

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About us:
Since 1999 we are involved at home automation field and control systems CRESTRON. Since 2005 we have participated at Nardic Solutions company. Since 2012 we extended our activities to development of SATOR I/O modules. The same time we are active at HiFi audio-video field, custom electronics production,  we are participating at audiophile webzine Hifi-Voice and other trade media.

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About services:
Electronics, AV equipment, Hi-Fi, elektronics development and production, programming, projects realisation. All this is our work and hobby. Our main activity concerns of following:

  • CRESTRON integrated control (controlling AV, lights, shades, HVAC, intercom, Security etc.), extended with Powerline X-10 and SATOR products, with empasis on energy savings
  • Designing of AV solutions  with Crestron DigitalMedia: Hi-Fi audio, projections, AV multiroom and signal managment, integrated control and remote supervising of the devices and house equipment
  • Installations, project design and managment, service support
  • Consulting, custom electronics and HiFi, energy savings at buildings

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