Per-RS232 translator

Do you want your new device to make old one?

Use interface Per-RS232 translator which controls „new“ device with „old“ RS232 codes – it translates commands between an old and new device.
Typical using this interface is when the client upgrades old projector connected via RS232 to (unknown) control system, with a new projector using different control commands – with no necessity to modify current configuration or programming of the control system.
It means, the control system (or HostPC) is still keeping sending original commands for old device, while interface is receiving theese codes, translates it and sends related commands to the new projector as writtten by user to interface’s Translate Table.


Per-RS232 translator

Interface Per-RS232 translator controls „new“ device with „old“ RS232 codes; it performs a code translation using bidirectional user’s Translation Table of the RS232 codes for either original device (Port0) and RS232 codes of new device (Port1), including parameters (baudrate/parity) of both ports and its Autoresponse mode. User can set up to 8 unique control codes of max 55 chars length for every port , both Rx direction (control commands receive), and Tx direction (control commands transmit or device responses). All settings are saved at EEPROM.
Passthru mode allows to transfer cmds, which are not written into Translation table, unchanged into new device; it means, if Translation Table is empty and this mode is active, the interface works as a Baudrate Converter.
Interfce settings and test communication of the connected devices can be performed via system port (Port2), and are processed by usual ASCII text commands sent from hyperterminal or simillar text console utility.

Dimensions: 3mod
Power: 12-24VDC, 50mA (typ. 25mA @24VDC)
RS232-PORT0 (ControlSystem / HostPC): Rx0,Tx0,GND; baud 9600-115200, N/E/O, 8,1; timeout 200ms
RS232-PORT1 (New  controlled  Device):  Rx1,Tx1,GND; baud 9600-115200, N/E/O, 8,1; timeout 200ms
RS232-PORT2 (System port Service PC):  Rx2,Tx2,GND; fixed 9600,N,8,1; timeout 4s
LED1-4: Rx0 (LED1) activity, Tx1 (LED2) activity, Rx1 (LED3) activity, Tx0 (LED4) activity
LED5: enterring the user’s commands at syst. port (Port2)
Configuration: command set sent from text console, more in datasheet

Per-RS232 translator_datasheet [ENG]